About the Brand

We are a woman-founded and woman-run startup company that designs specifically for spunky working women on-the-go. We want to make work and play as simple as possible, with a blend of "athleisure" and professional silhouettes and fabrications. With the workplace turning to a more casual dresscode, and many of us dreaming of yoga-pant weekends, this apparel merges it all. 

Blending Classic and Sport

Similar to those amazing sweats you live in on weekends - translated to your work apparel. With heathered, flocked, stretch knit, and soft-touch as just a few of the options, these materials could just as easily be your pajamas. Except they’re for work… welcome to 2019, ladies.



Made in the U.S.A.

With American-based production, we support local manufacturing vendors in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Despite the inherent higher price for U.S.A. sourcing and production, this allows several benefits for Victory Darling. We are able to build an in-person relationship with vendors and work in close proximity, meaning we can visit the factory whenever necessary. We lessen our environmental footprint in reducing shipping and transportation of mass goods from overseas. Lastly, we support the US economy and all of the benefits that come with U. S. A. manufacturing, such as ensuring safe working conditions and livable wages.